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The song "99" from the album Hydra was inspired by George Lucas' movie 'THX-1138' (1971). This movie is set in the 25th-century in a totalitarian state where mankind is stripped of any individuality. People are numbered drones, and a government-enforced program of sedation controls the populace. Lucas used THX as the name for his movie theater sound system.

Toto made the video for the song resemble a scene in the move, where the main character (THX-1138) is being taken into prison. His cell is completely white, and everyone is wearing a white suit.

In => Toto Legend the video was reviewed:

"99" was predominantly a performance video, though the set design was rather conceptual. Following David Paich's intention regarding the lyrics, about a sterile society in which names are forgotten and love forbidden, the set was sterile white, with various sized sculptured 99's hanging and standing about, and the band was clad in futuristic white jumpsuits. There were some notable shots in this one - keyboard close-ups and an artistic view of Jeff through a transparent drum head, a technique that several popular videos have copied since.


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