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Toto's international hit =>"Rosanna" was written by David Paich, who named the song after Steve Porcaro's girlfriend at that time: actress Rosanna Arquette ("Desperately Seeking Susan", "Silverado", "After Hours", "Pulp Fiction"). While the song was named after her, David has said that it is not actually about her, but more a description of several women David knew who he grouped into one person.

In the sleeve-notes of => Michael Jackson's killer album =>"Thriller" Arquette is named in the "Thank you" list as "Rosanna Porcaro." During the long hours making "Toto IV" at David Paichs' home studio, => Hogg Manor, she used to surprise the band by bringing them drinks and warning them to get some sleep:

"When Arquette's boyfriend was Steve Porcaro of Toto, she would demonstrate her fealty by showing up at the studio at 4:00 A.M. laden with all the munchies money could buy. Arquette was willing to go to any length to stand by her man - even if that meant standing in the wings, watching him perform while her own career went on hold." (American Film, July-August 1985)

The role of Rosanna in the video is played by => Cynthia Rhodes.


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