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The members of Toto are no strangers to the LA Session scene. Between them, they have played on nearly every major hit record of the last quarter-century.

Michael Jackson's Thriller, the number one selling album of all time, features members of Toto on nearly every track.

Steve Lukather recalls working on the mega-hit "Beat It":

Quincy Jones and Michael took a skeleton version of it up to => Eddie Van Halen's place as they wanted him to solo over the verse section. However, he played over a section that had more chord changes. So to fit his solo to where it went in the song, they had to cut the tape which took a lot of time to synchronise together. After they had managed this, Jeff Porcaro and me were called in to bind Eddie's solo and some haphazard percussion which was a major headache. Initially, we rocked it out as Eddie had played a good solo but Quincy thought it too tough. So I had to reduce the distorted guitar sound and this is what was released. It was a huge R&B/rock success for us all really and helped pave the way for the bands of today that fuse these styles. (Total Guitar, February 2000)


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